Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3

Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 Product From NMLCNatural, Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3

A Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3, also known as a Molcularly Distilled, is a product that is free of chemicals and impurities.

Our Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 is Natural, Balanced, Concentrated and Deodorized. Made in Norway and encapsulated in England. From raw material processing to encapsulation to packaging, all done in pharmaceutical facilities.

Fish is the richest source of Omega3. However and unfortunately with the polluted waters, fishes are consuming all the contaminants, such as methyl-mercury, lead, chemical, oil and all that has been dumped into the oceans and the lakes. That is why a Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 fish oil is imperative for those interested in its daily supplementation.

A Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 does not denote a pharmaceutical product, rather denotes the purity of the product.

In order to achieve a Pharmaceutical Grade (free of pollutants), the fish oil is heated up lightly under heavy vacuum, in order to remove the impurities.  The fatty acids of fish oil come to the surface rapidly and contaminants stay at the bottom and thus a separation is done for the collection of the pure fatty acids.

The reason the process is done under vacuum is to avoid the oxidation of the polyunsaturated fatty acids and later the pure fish oil is stored under nitrogen to avoid any contact with oxygen.  Air (oxygen) is the primary cause of the oxidation of the polyunsaturated  fatty acids.

If you do not see the wording of Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 and/or Molecularly Distilled, then you are, most likely, taking a product that has not gone through the above process and, thus, is NOT a Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3.

Made in Norway and Encapsulated in England. From raw material processing to packaging, all done in Pharmaceutical Facilities. Our product not only is a Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 but it is also Natural, Concentrated, Balanced and Deodorized.

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