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Essential Nutrients

We only manufacture essential nutrients to help countering stress, Inflammation, redox imbalance and hypomethylation “The Four Factors”; all of which affect the homeostasis of the body.

We believe that a daily anti-oxidant, such as R Alpha Lipoic, an essential anti-inflammatory such as Omega 3 and a daily liver and intestine supplement such as Poly-Enyl-Phosphatidylcholine are essential in countering stress, inflammation, redox imbalance and hypomethylation, another words: maintaining homeostasis.

Our products are Formulated Based on Nutritional Logic, made from the highest quality raw materials that are manufactured in pharmaceutical facilities, encapsulated in pharmaceutical facilities and, also, packaged in pharmaceutical facilities.

The formulation of our products, each, has carried a minimum of two years of research and investigation.

We do not produce products based on hype or what was hot last month or this year, but rather essential nutrients that are needed to maintain the homeostasis: products that could improve chronic stress, redox imbalance, hypomethylation and chronic inflammation.

While we could produce and have hundreds of products in our store, but we take pride on having our limited number of products that not only have been designated as essential nutrients, investigated by all credible universities and scientific communities, for at least last 40 years, but that also we believe those nutrients that “cannot be attained in sufficient amounts from conventional foods”; none-the-less are considered essential nutrients and deemed absolutely Essential for homeostasis. Essential nutrient is a nutrient that should be included in the diet, since the body either does not produce it at all or not in sufficient quantities.

We, further, believe that any substance that is not an essential nutrient or not made by the cells will require the excretion of its metabolized derivatives through the thiol group molecules, normally used to detoxify the organs.

As such and accordingly, the potential benefit of any substance that is not Essential for the body would have to be weighed against the potential burden of the excretion of its metabolized byproduct.

Our products are essential  nutrients,  designed and formulated to bring Homeostasis by countering stress, inflammation, redox imbalance and hypomethylation.

When you take our products together, you will notice less stress, more energy, better mood and happier state of mind. And that is a fact.

To reach homeostasis, the body must be able to overcome stress, inflammation, hypomethylation and redox imbalance. That means and anti-inflammatory, an anti-oxidant and a methyl donor nutrient.

The best anti-inflammatory essential nutrient is Omega 3, the best anti-oxidant nutrient is R Alpha Lipoic and the best essential methyl donor nutrient is polyenylphosphatidylcholine.

Our Omega 3 is natural, concentrated, balanced, deodorized, pure and pharmaceutical grade.

Our anti-oxidant is R Alpha Lipoic Acid made by the human body and known to the human body.

Our methyl donor nutrient is PolyEnylPhosphatidylcholine, recommended in Europe for about 50 years.

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These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any disease.